Reflecting themes of Advent, our online Advent calendar contains daily meditations on presence, rather than presents and waiting, rather than being weighed down by the stresses and concerns of our secular pre-Christmas season.

Meditations from Advent to Christmas

Red Doors

Dec 25 – You are the Gift!

The season of Christmas is above all a season for giving and receiving gifts. In Christmas, we celebrate the most important gift of all; the gift of God’s coming into the world in human form to point the world toward


Dec 24 – Take a Time Out

Take a ‘Time Out’ Most of us believe that the world around us is changing at a dizzying pace. The barrage of technology shouts to attract our attention. Babies are born, grow up and change into adults. People get older


Dec 23 – Of God and God’s Creation

During Lent, I led a class entitled: Scripture in a Scientific Age. Each week we examined a certain aspect of scripture that conflicted with our scientific understanding of the world we live in. One week, the topic was the cosmology of heaven