Creation sculpture at Washington National Cathedral

December 20, 2014

Sometimes I wonder, what holds everything together?

What makes a wall a wall, or why does the water in the ocean stay at a certain level? Scientists claim that there is “something” in the “empty space” between atoms, particles, or elements or forces that bind them together in certain ways to form the edges of things.

We are, in a sense, swimming through space with every move we make, pushing aside space, making our way toward and apart everything else. Yet between each one of us is space. And between our present choices and the future yet to come, there is space. Between this breath and my next there is that tiny pause—space—as I take in air to the space of my lungs, and then push it out into space. So what holds everything together?

Could it be that the breath of God fills the space? Could it be that the purpose of the universe, the very meaning of my existence is in the space, the pause, in God’s breath? Could it be that when I stand on tiptoe, straining to look into the future, God is ready to take the next breath?

The Rev. Anne O. Weatherholt is the rector of St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, Lappans

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