December 21, 2014

Many of us seek a place of calm for finding peace and solitude. It may be a physical place, such as a garden, a chapel, the ocean or even a parked car. Or it may be an inner place of calm created in the midst of chaos — even the chaos of the week immediately before Christmas. But to find that place of peace and solitude, one creates a sacred space, even if, much like the walls surrounding a mime, it remains invisible to all others.

Within that sacred space, you sit or stand or walk, immersed in the solitude and peace. There the sounds of chaos are silenced. The fiery flames of distraction are quenched. And you lose all track of time and space. All sense of hurry and chaos is purged from your inner core.

And you arrive. You arrive at that inner sense of peace indescribable to others. Yet everyone knows, for when you emerge from your place of solitude, your sanctuary, you glow. You have been purified of all that ails you. You have arrived at that inner sense of peace and love. A sense of peace as pure as the fallen snow, chilled and waiting for discovery.

It is that sense of purity and peace that we seek as we continue through this final week of Advent, approaching Christmas Day. We do not rush to arrive at December 25, for we already have captured the sense of love and peace of the season that in our rush-about world is so difficult to capture and hold.

May this year be different. May you find that sanctuary of space and time, whether real or imaginary. And may you grasp and enjoy the inner peace and love of the season this year if never before.

The Rev. Theresa Brion is the bishops’ deputy for Western Maryland for the Episcopal Diocese of Maryland.

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