December 24, 2014

Take a ‘Time Out’

Most of us believe that the world around us is changing at a dizzying pace. The barrage of technology shouts to attract our attention. Babies are born, grow up and change into adults. People get older and die. The seasons around us continually shift from warm to cold as the earth spins in space.

But scientists tell us that time itself is a relative term. Time is rather arbitrary. It does not ask to be measured. Before the invention of time pieces, folks watched the sun, and time went hand-in-hand with the rhythms of our physical world. There were no deadlines. Time was the vehicle for life, not a slave driver.

In reality, the world around us never changes. It wants what it wants when it wants it. The values of survival attract the lower nature of our common humanity, selfishness is universal. The true changes in our world happen inside the human heart when, rather than running to keep ahead of time we pause, change direction, and begin to choose quality over quantity, nurture over nature, peace over possessions.

Two thousand years ago, God put a pause in time, breaking into the history of the universe to insert a new Word. That Word, Jesus, the full meaning of God transformed into human life, was born, grew up and became an adult. He moved in time and through time, bound by the same march of seasons and days and years as we are. He was born into a time of civil strife, grinding poverty, war, and violence.

Yet his life is beyond time, beyond the sameness of the world; and through his life, we are offered a way to change, to be born again and become new.

This Christmas, take a step outside of time, away from a world that never changes, into a way of life that will change you, and through you, change the world.

The Rev. Anne O. Weatherholt is the rector of St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, Lappans

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