Purple Candle

We Celebrate Advent

The Episcopal Church is one of the historic Christian churches that celebrates Advent. We’re not trying to be contrary but Christmas is a season that begins on December 24. Advent is a nearly four week period that anticipates the coming of the Child of Peace. In our churches we have no Christmas decorations up until Christmas Eve. We sing hymns and hear scripture lessons that tell us about waiting and expecting. We light one of four candles on an Advent wreath each Sunday before Christmas as our days get shorter and darkness comes as we ponder and pray for yet one more sign that God is with us.

In Advent we take a break from the shopping and party planning to find some quiet time to reflect. What place in our hearts is waiting for the Christ Child? How will we live differently in a world so filled with violence and hunger and poverty? In many ways things aren’t much different than the world was 2000 years ago. But we are a people of hope and faith and love. We are preparing with joyful anticipation to hear again of the coming of peace and goodwill in the person of Jesus.